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I den tid vi går i nu medfører opvågningen, at mange pludselig kan se, at de sidder i et liv de ikke trives i. Det er hårdt – nogle gange næsten umenneskeligt hårdt at gøre op med det sted vi er endt. Der er kommet en støtte ind på jorden i forbindelse med det arbejde vil lavede i Nevada i forbindelse med Gralsarbejdet. Nye mestre, ærkeengle og skytsengle er kommet ind på Jorden.

Der har været så mange, som var glade for den anden lille video, som jeg lavde med støtten til den tid vi går i. Jeg har derfor lavet en lille uredigeret healingsvideo.

I videoen hjælper jeg dig til at få dybere kontakt til den støtte. Ikke fordi alle ikke kan finde den støtte i sig selv, men fordi det kan være så svært at gøre det imens vi i forskellige grader af forvirring og fortvivlelse erkender at vi ikke trives, der hvor vi har fået placeret os i livet.

imageGrail Work on Earth

The united collective field which, among other things, forms a basis for a unified system of beliefs on Earth.

My name is Marianne, I’m 43 years old and from the North Jutland region of Denmark. I perform work as a seer, a healer, and a teacher of shamanism. I’m trained as an engineer with a masters degree in chemistry and microbiology and have worked toward a PhD where I worked as a DNA technician. I made the leap and quit my job in December 2013. I experienced my spiritual opening in April 2011, and almost all of what I relate here about the basis for my grail work is something I have received through channeling. No channel is completely untainted. Therefore, it’s important that you take what I’m writing here as inspiration, and that you try to sense within yourself, whether what I’ve written rings true for you. Let go of those things which don’t resonate in you. Through practice, my understanding of my grail work has finally linked back to my education and training through the revelations I have received after my spiritual opening. And this experience has been a great relief for me in my search for meaning in what I do and in what I see.

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Forklaring på Begrebet Engle. Hvad taler Marianne Lane om, når hun fortæller om Engle. Hør Teals Scotts meget udførlige forklaring på, hvad Engle er ;

My understanding of the grails has developed, step by step, during the course of the last two years. My first realisations were tainted by my lack of understanding and as a consequence were rather limited. I saw grails whose collective fields belonged to different cultures, such that each culture has its own grail. That, in itself, is not wrong, but as the pieces of the puzzle have fallen into place, I’ve come to realize that the grail is also a state of being: the state of fully enlightened, complete human beings, which we carry with us as programming in our DNA and as the field which connects us all.

Collective Fields

Collective fields are energy fields which are actually quite complex. A collective field is created when several people agree on something. In its simplest form, it could manifest itself as a residential street, where we all need to agree on which types of hedges are to be planted between the houses. One half of the residents want one kind of hedge and the other half of them want another type. Those who agree and who put their thoughts and feelings in their opinion about the decision create, together, an energy field which “sings” about all the advantages of their choice and the disadvantages of the opposing choice. Fields also carry the realisations which individuals in the group have had which have formed the basis for their choice.

Marianne Lane
There is also a collective field of consciousness for human beings on Earth. This field contains all that which is common for humanity. It contains the knowledge which every human being can access, regardless of their culture. According to the English biologist, Rupert Sheldrake, consciousness and memory don’t just reside in one’s own brain. His theory states that individuals of the same species have a collective consciousness and memory. Sheldrake’s theory regarding our consciousness and memory is different and rather alternative compared to the current view in the rest of the scientific world. Sheldrake alleges that our memory and our consciousness don’t exist in our brains but rather through a collective consciousness. Consciousness can be viewed as a cloud of knowledge which is shared between individuals of a particular type or species. The theory is referred to as morphic resonance, where the word morph comes from the Greek word for form. In other words, you share consciousness with those who you resemble most and with whom you also have a social relation. (Source: Videnskabens Verden, February 7, 2012 at 14:03 on Danish radio station, P1).

In earlier times, humans didn’t travel very far. Distances were effectively greater than they are today. That meant that the level of cultural exchange was relatively low. That also meant that a variety of different cultures could develop at various places around the world. This development was very dependent on the conditions under which people lived. But I’ve also received a vision, where I have seen souls being affected from within, by having beings of higher consciousness incarnate as human beings with a relatively low state of consciousness in the various cultures. These incarnations have promoted development in particular directions. I’ve also observed that the collective fields for humanity, as well as those associated with different cultures, have received outside support, where beings of higher consciousness have worked on building up and holding these fields, so that they supported humans which are connected to those fields in order to assist them in developing in a particular way. This support has been brought in through beams of energy from the fields of masters. This support has been marked by its ability to reach human being in their current state of development, just as it has also been limited by that which humans, themselves, place in the fields.

The grails for humanity and for different cultures bear both experience and wisdom, including that which is smart and clever as well as that which ensures our survival. They bear knowledge of the rules and ways of doing things as they exist on Earth. Every grail also contains an awareness regarding contact between heaven and Earth, or whatever it’s been called throughout the ages. This part of the grail is called the “holy grail”. There are many such holy grails, representing each and every culture which has ever existed on Earth and whose practices include contact between heaven and Earth. I’ve also observed a holy grail which the heavenly side has placed in the field which is very pure and complete. But again, all grails depend on being able to reach mankind, which it is at that moment. These holy grails support mankind in becoming the best they can possibly be – the enlightened human – the state of the holy grail.

If you’re open to the idea that there might be conscious entities in the universe other than ourselves, then you might also accept the idea that there might be a universal grail, the grail of the universe, which contains all the rules and all the wisdom in the universe.

In this time we live in, the world has become quite small. The means of transport available to us ensure that our cultures mix with each other as never before, just as our media ensures that there are practically no isolated regions in the world anymore. It’s hard times for those cultures and people who depend strongly on their cultural identity. Life’s uncertainties and lack of knowledge, with its associated insecurities, brings with it a greater need to use culture to support oneself. Survival pressure gives us incentives to group together with others that feel the same way as us, so that we can support each other. The old grails come from ancient times, which stretch far back to the time when humankind’s consciousness was relatively limited. Our instinctive layers were very active and this is still the case, some places on Earth, where live is hard. This is why the old grails are connected to the instinctive layers and the levels of consciousness just over the instinctive layers, in those times when the largest part of humanity’s consciousness was at that level. As we are in the process of transition from the old era to the new era, both types of consciousness are simultaneously represented on Earth.

Cultures are in upheaval and this has brought tension between the collective fields. Times are hard. But it’s also a time for new possibilities, including the possibility for a unified humanity on Earth – the possibility of a united collective field – one common grail.

The New Era

For me, the new era covers that time where consciousness on Earth is being elevated. This is being done to support humanity in letting go of our karmic burden. As I perceive it, our karmic burden manifests itself in our carrying too much conscious pain, pain from our own lives, from the experience of our parents, our relations and our people, from former lives and due to our soul having limited influence.

It’s necessary to lighten our karmic burden and to raise our consciousness, since that will create a space in us for soft-responsibility, which doesn’t just relate to ourselves and those close to us, but which also includes our society, our environment, all those around us, life and the Earth itself.

As our brain has developed, the opportunities for our soul to influence and contribute its knowledge and skills through our manifest life on Earth have grown. The problem with karmic burden, and the pain it brings, is that is screens out the influence of our soul, so that our lower aspects gain hold instead and “hard justice” gets applied. This is the form of justice where we refer to “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”, where the strongest draw the long straw and take their share of things solely through their physical prowess.

I’ve met people who are afraid that they won’t manage to raise their level of consciousness. They were afraid that they wouldn’t be able to “keep up”. They came with an understanding of awakening, where those who don’t manage to awaken during this bodily incarnation are banished from the Earth, because their vibrations aren’t high enough. Instead, they would be sent to other places in the universe to incarnate, where the weight of incarnation is heavier. This would be necessary, because the Earth’s vibrations would be too high for them.

My perception of that world which isn’t physically incarnated has shown me that this can never happen. First, the consciousness of all human beings on Earth has been elevated (or artificially raised), and as of now, over half of those have chosen to accept this elevation. Secondly, the world of souls doesn’t differentiate between being higher or lower, as we do on Earth; on that plane of existence, we are all one. Thirdly, I’ve noticed that it’s not the inexperienced souls who get the hardest lives, but quite the opposite. In my experience, it is the experienced souls which most often have the hardest lives. If you are strong, you need greater resistance to grow. This is why it’s principally experienced souls who can’t get enough challenges, who sometimes need to incarnate someplace where existence is heavier than it will be on Earth in the future.

However, I don’t sense that the Earth will be an easier place on which to live during our lifetimes, at least not to a level where it would be difficult for most human beings to be here. I sense that the tide is about to turn, but that there will go five generations before soft-responsibility rules the Earth. I perceive that the Earth will be a place of balance, but the pain of physical incarnation won’t be much less then now. We can learn to control it, and the vast majority of humanity will go forth in balance, but it will always be a challenge to find balance across all aspects, from the lowest to the highest. That is both the challenge and the strength of humankind.

Finally, I have a deep sense that the old-era’s need for threats and the spread of fear in relation to supporting humanity’s awakening has passed. In the new era, all things are born in love and equality. Being banished, if we don’t manage to awaken, isn’t in line with this.

Elevating Consciousness in the New Era

We are, in fact, already in the new era. The new era started in December 2012, where there was a great opening bringing support for humanity’s awakening and which became part of the Earth’s collective fields. From December 2012 until November 2014, groups of those incarnated on Earth as well as beings of higher consciousness have been working intensely to support an energy field, in the form of columns of light, in order to ensure that all of Earth’s human beings have had their consciousness raised to reach up to between the 5th and 6th dimensions. In general, humankind has previously only had a level of consciousness between the 3rd and 4th dimensions.

Dimensions are the same as frequency spectra. Frequencies are the speed at which energy oscillates, or swings back and forth. Everything is energy and all energy oscillates in the same way. If energies oscillate synchronously, they strengthen each other, otherwise they weaken each other. We exist in an energy field which starts in the center of our field, which lies just under the heart and over the solar-plexus. The energy field starts at the innermost levels, consisting of energies which have the lowest frequency. The lower the frequency, the shorter distance energy can be transported. Our physical bodies are responsible for the lowest frequencies in our field. They only extend to just outside our bodies. The most basic thoughts and feelings lie in a field just outside this.

Dimensions and Consciousness

A dimension corresponds to a range of frequencies which have common characteristics. The physical body and the most fundamental thoughts and feelings lie in the 3rd dimension. In the 4th dimension reside the first layers of more abstract understanding and mental awareness – this dimension carries with it an understanding which extends into the physical consciousness – the physical laws and science such as physics and chemistry reside in this area. Consciousness in the 5th dimension corresponds to a consciousness which understand that which cannot be seen – the big picture, the soul, the existence of healing, and that we are all connected to one another. When our consciousness has expanded into the 5th dimension, we can understand and work with healing and other spiritual skills. In the 6th dimension, one’s understanding becomes more complex, and if our consciousness is in this dimension, we can consciously work with the various dimensions and begin, ourselves, to understand the context of healing. Human beings have the ability to reach up to the 7th dimension and, with the influence of the soul, up to the 13th dimension.

Humankind has always had the ability to advance toward higher consciousness. This just required hard work, discipline and focus, in the same way that good teachers have been able to make a big difference. The level we can achieve within a single incarnation depends both on the foundation we bring with us as human beings and our soul’s abilities. However, the most important of all of these is our life’s path on Earth. Previously, only a select few had contact to their spiritual abilities. With the dawn of the new era on Earth, where everyone has had their consciousness raised, a large number of have managed to access their spiritual abilities.

It might be more correct to state that everyone has had their consciousness “effectively” raised, since not everyone has realized that this has occurred. As an analogy, it could be compared to having the ability to know, automatically, how to drive a car “uploaded” into you; we would only need to get into a car, at which point we would suddenly know how to drive it. However, people have varying amounts of contact to that ability to drive a car. A person could be good at shifting gears but totally lacking in the ability to handle roundabouts. And of course, we need to actually sit in the car before we realize that we are able to drive it. We might discover, rather whimsically, that we have the ability to handle left turns without ever having sat in a car. Similarly, the level of contact which people have to their spiritual abilities can vary. Some will never access them, as they don’t cast their interests in that direction. Others can receive spontaneous openings to varying degrees and some can approach their spiritual abilities with great gravity and drive.

The reason that there is such an effort underway on Earth right now to raise our level of consciousness is that the karmic burden of Earth is too high. In practice, this means that humanity’s consciousness is at too high a level compared to the level of responsibility we are able to handle. This stems from the fact that we carry around too much pain. And the source of this pain is our heightened consciousness, which expands the areas in which we can feel pain. We are no longer simply hungry and cold – our problems go beyond mere survival and ensuring that we spread our genes. We are stressed by life’s psychological challenges and not having a whole range of psychological needs satisfied, outside of the most basic ones. That system, which ensured the survival of our species back when our consciousness didn’t extend enough to be able to analyse things, to remember and to communicate essential experiences, is a system which responds with fear and rewards. It’s a system which is activated in every species which has consciousness.

Programming Experiences and Trauma

Researchers have long worked in a field related to understanding this system, since it is the basis for social epidemics of stress, anxiety and depression. This field of research is called epigenetics, and it describes how we don’t merely inherit characteristics like the colour of our eyes or our stature, but also trauma and experiences. Research published in the widely respected scientific journal, Nature Neuroscience¸ in September 2013 describes how researchers, through a series of clinical trials involving rats, have gotten them to associate a particular smell with the experience of fear. In these trials, researchers found, in the semen from the rats, an increased amount of the gene associated with being sensitive to the smell that was used. Additionally, they noted that their young and also the following generation were extra sensitive to the smell.

In my view, we inherit qualities for all kinds of experiences. No doubt that’s also why that there are entire families of doctors or mechanics. It’s much easier to learn something when we’ve already inherited the ability to do it. The same principle applies to various problems, types of dysfunction and inadequate emotional development. These experiences are stored in our genetic material in the outer layers of the energy fields of our chromosomes, the areas corresponding to the fourth and fifth dimensions.

Experiences regarding spiritual work extend from the sixth to the seventh dimension in our chromosomes and those experiences can be extended by the influence of our soul in bearing spiritual abilities, which can be expressed all the way up to the thirteenth dimension. Through channelling, or if a person has achieved full enlightenment, it’s also possible to work at even higher dimensions. But that is rather uncommon, even though there are increasing numbers on Earth who can do this.

Our level of consciousness determines which dimensional level we can reach. When we reach a new level, new trauma and new experiences can be activated.

As I perceive it, it’s in this programming that we bear our culture’s experiences. It’s in this programming that we bear the grail. We bear, in our genes, a mixture of experiences that belongs to the culture or cultures of our parents. Each culture has had a collective field attached to it. The connection between these collective fields and our human selves goes through that programming and level of consciousness which is open to it.

There is no direct and consistent relation between contact to the collective fields and levels of consciousness. Contact to the collective fields can both support the raising and lowering of consciousness. If the level of consciousness is raised, there is a chance that some basis can be established, enabling deeper contact to the collective fields, or perhaps instead, a disconnection from them, depending on whether that which we bear in those layers we can access is in harmony with the collective field or whether it leads us in the opposite direction.

In the new era, I am not the only one who has contact to information about programming. I’ve seen many places where people have written: “Programming at the DNA-Level”, “Healing at the DNA-Level”, “Activation at Cell Level”, etc. As far as I can see, this work is done in exactly the same layers and has the same function as what I am describing.

The issue of the old collective fields and the old grails

As the collective fields and grails have been borne in such a way that they can reach us as human beings, they bear the imprint of our human limitations, despite the fact that our level of consciousness wasn’t very high. As a result, much of what we consider the lowest aspects of humanity is mixed into the fields, including things like: “I am right, and you are wrong”, social hierarchies, “an eye for an eye – a tooth for a tooth” and many others.

As a consequence, the fields often react strongly through “we are right, and you are wrong”, which has the effect of pressing the energy in the collective fields toward the centre, while out at the edges, where there’s often a “front line”, or border, against other collective fields, there is either no energy or negative energy. I’ve often encountered these front lines in my work involving restoring energy to regions of the Earth. When there is such a front line in these areas, it’s almost impossible to create lasting, positive energy. The front lines between the collective fields create rips in the fabric of the energy field, where there is almost no energy or very negative energy. I sense that the front lines of the collective fields I’ve encountered are relatively small. I almost don’t dare to think what effect this must have on the Earth’s energy fields when the larger collective fields clash.

The collective fields react to energy which is generated by thoughts and emotions. In our modern technological age, we have such wide access to information that people who don’t have any relation to a particular issue or situation can become immersed in collective fields which they have no physical or other relation to in reality. Many individuals can suddenly become immersed in a collective field, and the associated dramatic rise in the energy of that field can cause the field to overreact. As a result, those people who bear the programming for that field can almost be unintentionally triggered by that field. This is especially problematic when powerful negative emotions such as hate are involved.

Because of the relatively low level of consciousness in which these fields are activated, these fields have played an unfortunate role in retrieving inspiration and wisdom from the collective fields. Individuals have been able to access information from this wisdom which lies in the collective fields and use it in inappropriate and often quite damaging ways, without any consequences for the support we receive from beings of higher consciousness, simply because we could claim ignorance. If we’ve obtained knowledge of biology or DNA and have used that to our personal benefit with a corresponding damage to the environment, we’re still supported, as long as what we did was in good faith. And, in fact, there are many people that do this, believe it or not. And at the level of consciousness they are able to reach, they see themselves as good, responsible people.

Traditional religions also reside in the old grails. Some of them are more accepted than others in our part of the world. But almost all of them, without exception, target us deep in our lowest aspects through guilt, punishment and exclusion. This occurred so that we, as humans, could progress. One of my more recent realisations is the legitimacy of earlier religions. We see them as responsible for war and pain, but I have seen that such war and pain would have come regardless, and that the training and enlightenment practiced in most holy places has contributed to putting humankind on the right path. They struck us where we needed to be struck, to make a difference.

But now, both time and humanity’s development have passed that of the old grails and the old religions.
A new framework and a new starting point are needed.

The collective fields of the new era and the holy grail

Humankind’s development has moved from the necessity of resting on the support of a community for comfort, security and survival; to the opportunity to be able to be self-sufficient in our point of origin. Independence and enlightenment go hand in hand. This is also the starting point for true equality with others and where everyone can have their own truth, without it threatening our integrity or the community.
At the same time, the Earth needs a collective field, a grail which can we can use to support us, without having it differentiate between which culture or religion we carry with us in our genetic makeup in the flesh – a collective field which embraces and supports us without bringing in the lower aspects of humanity.

We need a collective in which everyone can resonate, so the field doesn’t carry knowledge and support for “We are right and you are wrong.” Instead, the field must support our equality with others in the society, forming a basis for a common starting point and the basis for a common holy grail – The holy grail.

We are the process of working toward the creation of this collective field. The work started in Malta in January, 2015. The work continues in Nevada in August, 2015, in Scotland in October, 2015, to Bhutan or Tibet during Easter, 2016 and to Japan during the autumn of 2016.

The work is progressing in stages so that the Earth, the beings of consciousness who work with the field and the individuals who participate can keep pace. The work is taking place at various locations around the Earth, which have been prepared for this work throughout the ages. Even though a lot of energy work can be performed at a distance, physical presence is required at the location for this work, so that the work can be borne in all the dimensions where the Earth is present. At the plane of souls, I’ve taken on the task of leading this work from the Earthly side. This work is channelled and supported by a number of well-known beings of higher consciousness.

In truth, these realisations about my work come to me in bite-sized bits – or almost bite-sized, so that I can keep up with it, mentally, and also so I don’t have to think about more of it than necessary. You could say that it keeps me from being weighed down by being aware of more details than I actually need. It’s quite a strange way to work, and it requires a large element of surrender and trust, which I’ve built up, prior to my grail work, through four previous journeys, with groups accompanying me, to different places on Earth to retrieve new forms of healing energy. The inner journey associated with being made ready has been long and hard, but by the time I started my grail work, I was fully prepared.

That doesn’t mean that these journeys don’t result in huge inner challenges and the need to expand myself, or that I don’t have to struggle to comprehend and to understand the context during my work, but rather, that my internal resistance no longer interferes with my work. When I received my realisations about the coming grail work, I wasn’t in that state. I felt irritated and under pressure over having to perform grail work, but I was past the doubt I had about the messages I received about the work. Also, the messages are always accompanied by synchronicities coming from other people, information I accidentally come across in my everyday life, or scientific studies, which come from my scientific past or from articles I suddenly find. The details of the work, however, only fall completely in place during the course of actually carrying it out, or in the period afterward, where it is being integrated in the Earth and in our reality.

The Work in Malta

In Malta, we were to temper the collective fields so they could be unified. This was done by softening the outer edges of the fields, so they no longer bore “We are right and you are wrong.” This softening was performed through the application of faith, hope and love, which in newer terms are known as faith, trust and gratitude.

Additionally, the overactive collective fields, which pull unprepared people into their negative agenda, needed to be addressed. This was done by transforming the fields so that they no longer could bear hate. Hate was replaced by mercy. By doing this, we were able to work against the principle of “We are right and you are wrong” with a staff of energy which I suddenly received in my hands during this work, which transformed things so that there was balance.

The work was performed by a group of beings of heart, who met in Malta to carry out this work. The group met the day before and were collected energetically through a guided healing process. At the same time, the full understanding of the work we were to perform was revealed, and its full extent became apparent.

We were to go out to one of the oldest temples on Earth and perform this work. Then, afterward, we were to go into a church and carry the changes, which this work has now brought, into the realm of the church. Each and every participant supports such work with his or her energy field and intention to make a difference on Earth. It is important that everyone is with us, as this ensures that that the work becomes anchored to an Earth of human beings, so it can be reached by human beings.

All the participants were in a deep process, from the moment we met and also in the time leading up to the trip. This is one of the gifts of participating in this work. When we participate in this work, we are automatically connected to a collective field which prepares the participants for the trip. On the journey to Malta, we were prepared by no longer being able to lie to ourselves. Most of us had experienced that we had reached in and touched something quite painful and fundamental as part of being prepared in this way – we let go of something.

Many of the participants travelled to the area before we met and many also remained afterward. I, myself, landed two days before we were to start, as I was to go out to the temple on the island of Gozo, where my energy field was upgraded so that it could act as a catalyst for bringing the grail of the new era into the Earth’s energy field. This upgrade occurred with knowledge from the previous civilisation known as Atlantis, which, as I have seen, lies at another location in the universe. When that civilisation collapsed, the souls of those there were sent to other places in the universe, so that they could incarnate. A great number of souls from Atlantis incarnate on Earth, which is why there is such a strong memory of Atlantis here.

Bringing the grail of the new era to Earth was a very beautiful process. It was as if I saw the sun rise over humanity, which is now ready to assume its full potential. We finished our work by going into a church and integrating our work.

We held a day of contemplation, the day after, where we were in various temples. On that day, as well as the day before and the days and the weeks leading up to our departure for Malta, I received a whole series of realisations which finally gave me an understanding of how all the things I work with relate to each other.

The Work in Nevada

We are going to Nevada in August 2015, to bring the universe’s grail of wisdom to the Earth. This grail will become the principle framework for the new unified collective field on Earth. This grail contains everything that the cultural grails contain and much more. Because of this, it can act as a framework to ensure that no one feels as if they don’t belong. Or, said another way, the programming will fit every possible form of programming we carry with us in our genes, relating to our sense of community and to contact between heaven and Earth. This is why it can act as a framework for all the fields.

At the same time, bringing the universe’s grail of wisdom to Earth will result in the Earth gaining access to the wisdom of the universe. I have experience in contact with the wisdom of the universe, and it’s very different from drawing on the Earth’s fields or the Earth’s grails. When I’m in contact with the wisdom of the Earth, a single realisation comes to me. But when I draw on the wisdom of the universe, the entire collection of realisations comes to me, all at once.

It can happen that I don’t understand it all. It can also be the case that I can’t describe what I see or sense. But I can’t distort it. This means that when the universe’s grail of wisdom is integrated in the Earth’s field, it will no longer be possible to draw on wisdom and knowledge, and thereafter misuse it, claiming ignorance of the consequences.

This will apply for everyone, regardless of whether they have contact through clairvoyance, mental contact, of contact through their intuition. And this will apply as soon as this work is complete. I don’t completely understand how this should be possible, but normally additional information comes as we perform such work, so I hope I’ll receive an explanation then.

As a consequence of this, it’s possible for the spiritual realm to take away all support for the exploitation of wisdom and knowledge on Earth when used in ways that are harmful. This will be of great importance in relation to the current state, where you are fully supported if you perform acts which are harmful as long as you also believe you are acting in good faith and that what you are doing is not harmful.

This trip will also be as a group. People, who feel a calling to join, come with the group and receive training during the trip. Others take part in support groups back home, where people gather together during the time the group is working, setting their intention to contribute to the work.

This work will take place near Pyramid Lake in Nevada and we will also take a shamanic journey to an ancient temple region in South America. The following day will be a day of contemplation for us at a neighbouring sea which is connected to Pyramid Lake.

Those of us who participate in the trip will come in contact with the universal wisdom, and I sense that we will be supported in uniting with our origin, both on the planet of mankind and the planet of souls.

Also, I sense that I have a personal connection to this particular part of the grail work, so I’m getting quite excited about setting off on this journey.

The Work at Loch Ness in Scotland

In October 2015, we will be travelling to Loch Ness in Scotland near the town of Inverness. Ancient knowledge is prepared for activation in this area, which is administered by the elves. Elves are beings which are incarnated at another location in the universe in another dimension. They keep in contact with us through portals, which there are quite a lot of in Scotland, where there is also experience and knowledge regarding contact with elves. Elves work with the exchange between different beings between the various dimensions. They also work with the wisdom from Atlantis regarding the upgrading of DNA programming.

I was in Scotland in October 2013 in preparation for this work. I came in contact with the elves, who adjusted and upgraded my system, so that I no longer bore the physical limitation in my consciousness which otherwise would have been there. This was done so that I could go about with a system which could be stable with this opening, so that I can be the key when we are to retrieve this upgrade of the collective field to the grail which the elves have.

Retrieving upgrades, energy and wisdom to the Earth often occurs through portals. The keys to the portals are our energy fields. In other words, our energy fields must be in a particular state before they can be keys. My energy field is always brought to the right state before we depart on such journeys, through spiritual experiences and realisations, but most importantly through life itself.

This upgrade will allow reconciliation at the edges of the fields, so it will become possible to collect them in a coherent collective field for the Earth. The participants will have embedded in their systems, as part of this work, the ability to communicate and to cooperate with other people without being triggered by our human aspects, our twists and our pains. Exchange with one another as equals at all levels is the title of our own inner processes as part of this trip.

This ability will also be placed in the Earth’s collective field, so that it will be available for every human being who reaches out to it.